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Our priority is to ensure that host families are willing to offer a warm comfortable home environment and have a genuine interest in our international students. Our host families are carefully selected. They are interviewed and their homes are inspected for suitability. An application form is filled out with all the relevant information that will help us with student matches. References are checked.

Canada has a wide range of ethnic and racial diversity and our host families reflect this cultural diversity. Most of our host families have a more traditional set up (mother, father and children). Other host families are single parents with children, or a single adult living alone. They may also be retired couples willing to open up their homes to international students to share the cultural experience.

Most Canadians go to work during the day and have a very busy lifestyle so host families might not be able to spend a lot of time with the students. They will inform students where entertainment centers are located, shopping malls, theaters, libraries and other local attractions so students can plan to do things on their own, especially on weekends.

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